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New York City NYC
October 27, 2016

New York's Preeminent Haunted House

In honor of Halloween on Monday, we throwback to the macabre history of the Morris-Jumel mansion. Built in 1765, it is the oldest existing house in NYC. Famous for being George Washington’s headquarters in the fall of 1776 and the residence of that dueling revolutionary Aaron Burr, we look at it today as New York’s preeminent haunted house.

A number of ghosts have been spotted at the house, but the most prolific haunter seems to be Eliza Jumel. The daughter of a prostitute, Eliza used her great beauty, shrewd mind and sheer ruthlessness to become one of the richest women in New York.

She is accused of tricking her husband into marrying her (by feigning fatal illness and naming matrimony as her “dying” wish), and later removing his bandages after a bad accident so that he bled to death. Her affiliation with all things creepy continued after her death, and her ghost has been identified many times at her old home.

In 1964 Eliza was spied by a whole group of school children out on the mansion balcony, and she rudely told them to “Shut Up!” I bet they did!