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New York City NYC
June 30, 2017

Supporting Preservation in the Eternal City

Historic preservation is important to Engel & Völkers, whether maintaining the integrity of a 1930’s art deco building in NYC or working to preserve a medieval villa in the Tuscan Hills. We support the work and mission of the NYC Landmarks Conservancy and many of our colleagues around the world are involved with similar organizations in their own backyards.

Nowhere is preservation more important than in Rome, “The Eternal City,” which boasts intact architecture from over 2,000 years ago. Even the sewage system of Rome is ancient; there are parts still in use that date to 800 BCE.

To support the mission of preserving historic Rome, Engel & Völkers teamed up with “L’Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane” trust (ADSI), an organization that has been protecting historic buildings throughout Italy since 1977, to sponsor a citywide Open House. Thirty of the most spectacular privately owned historic properties in Rome were opened to an eager public for the last weekend in May. Over 30,0000 attendees marveled at these storied properties and took home some GG magazines besides.

Indeed, the event was a great success, both for raising awareness of the ADSI cause, and for promoting the Engel & Völkers brand. Marco Rognini, Managing Director of the Rome Market Center explained, “The high number of visitors meant that our sponsorship enjoyed plenty of exposure. We were able to increase awareness for the brand as a result. The visitors were also people who love beautiful and special properties – so we also tapped in to our target group precisely.”

We wish our colleagues in Rome much success as they continue to represent and protect such ancient treasures.