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New York City NYC
Minni Chalana
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Howard Morrel Team
Languages: English Hindi Punjabi

Minni Chalana has an analytical mind, a careful attention to detail, and savvy negotiating skills – all traits that ensure her clients get the best deal on their real estate transaction. Ms. Chalana is an experienced real estate investor who focuses on accessing off-market residential and commercial properties as well as partnership opportunities.

Ms. Chalana has at her disposal, an assembled network of attorneys, sub-contractors, title agencies, home inspectors, architects, engineers, and lenders to make the home buying process as seamless as possible.

Minni approaches each deal with a customized strategy and timeline, which helps her clients make the smoothest possible transaction. Whether working with investors, sellers, buyers, landlords or tenants, clients rely on Minni’s expert guidance.

It is her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for architecture and interior design that attracts Minni to real estate. Licensed in both New York and New Jersey, Minni has her finger on the pulse of the market on both sides of the Hudson. Furthering her qualifications, Ms. Chalana holds a general contractor license. This aids immensely with clients undertaking home renovations.

Prior to obtaining her real estate license, Minni worked for ten years in management consulting as a financial services advisor and as a relationship manager at a Fortune 100 private equity firm. It was there, where she developed the skills indispensable to her real estate career.

Minni is also a United States military veteran, an honor which certainly reinforces some of her core values: loyalty, selflessness, discipline, courage, respect and integrity.