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New York City NYC

Services for Sellers

Engel & Völkers began as a single real estate office providing a new level of service to discerning clients in Hamburg, Germany. Today, the firm’s founding commitment to quality, premium service and innovation is shared by over 700 real estate shops in 32 countries. Real estate buyers and sellers on five continents recognize the value offered by Engel & Völkers’ and drive the network’s ongoing expansion.

Sellers benefit on many levels. In key residential and resort markets around the world, the Engel & Völkers name is synonymous with quality and inspires trust. It provides ideal context for the properties that we represent.

All of our advisors have access to Engel & Völkers Real Estate Academies that train them in the effective use of proprietary systems and marketing tools. Training sessions also cover real estate best practices, promoting understanding and referrals across different business models and cultures. Our shared technology platform facilitates referral activity by providing all advisors seamless access to their Engel & Völkers colleagues around the world.

The external marketing materials we produce are in a class by themselves. Foremost among these is GG (Global Guide) Magazine, published in five languages, distributed globally and sold on newsstands in Europe.

GG Magazine

Translated into five languages and published quarterly, GG covers international travel, personalities, design and luxury living along with some of the world's finest real estate.
Read the latest issue


We also offer sophisticated digital promotion including proprietary global, national and local websites, E&V Shop TV, the E&V InHouse news portal, and strategic online distribution relationships. Like most top local firms, we share our listings with the New York brokerage community through RPX Exchange. We reach local consumers through the NYTimes.com and Streeteasy.com among others. The properties we list also receive preferred placements on aggregators like Trulia and Zillow, and we’re one of the few Manhattan-based firms offering showcase placements on realtor.com.

Rounding out our integrated, multi-platform marketing approach are advertising opportunities in premier publications, direct mail programs and an email marketing system that provides detailed analytics.


Once selected and assembled into a marketing plan, these offerings elegantly present our listings to local and international purchasers under the Engel & Völkers banner.

As comprehensive and valuable as these benefits may be, they do not outweigh the importance of selecting the right agent to represent your property. Engel & Völkers NYC advisors take their jobs very seriously. They understand the significance of the decision to sell your home, and know that it can be more challenging in a market like ours.

In keeping with the Engel & Völkers mission and tradition, they will fully dedicate themselves to making the process efficient, successful and enjoyable.

Services for Buyers

Whether it’s your first apartment or pied-a-terre, a newly developed condo or a classic co-op, our Advisors will work with you to understand your requirements and achieve your priorities. They appreciate that the purchase of any real estate is an important business and lifestyle decision and will make the process efficient, transparent and effective.

We are members of REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) and have access to all properties listed for sale in New York City. Our Advisors and can guide you to the property types and areas best suited to your situation – whether you are a local client purchasing for the first time or an investor from overseas.

Drawing on their experience and access to current research, our team provides valuable market information and insight. They are residents who know this city and can go beyond the pictures and data and to identify the properties that are worth your time and consideration.

Our ultimate goal is to provide potential buyers with an educational and enjoyable experience that leads to the ideal property for them. Our Advisors remain proactive, receptive and focused on the details until your closing is complete.

If you are interested in purchasing in locations beyond New York City, we are also happy to connect you with properties and Engel & Völkers advisors worldwide.

Know the reasons why you’re buying and make sure it’s the right choice. Reasons to buy vary. Good marketing conditions, a life change, a desire to invest, a location change can all affect the path you might take in finding the right property for you. Your Engel & Völkers Advisor can help you look deeper into these factors to facilitate the process.

As far as the property itself, it’s a good idea to know all the features you desire in your new home, from the absolute must-haves to the things you would like to have, but could live without if a decision had to be made.

As you begin your search for a new home, keeping track of what makes one different from the other will help you make better decisions in the end. Your Engel & Völkers advisor will provide you with comparative information on the properties that you visit.

Also consider:

  • The type of the listings that you will see: Co-ops, condominiums, condops, or townhouses.
  • The style and condition of the home you would accept: Pre-war or new construction, move-in ready or rennovation required.
  • The potential resale value (also consider changes to the view or neighborhood services and amenties that may impact value)
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • The neighborhood, proximity of transportation etc.

Based on your research, notes, finances and the properties you’ve viewed, you’ve finally found the home that meets your criteria. You’re ready to make an offer.

An offer includes the price you would like to pay for the home in question. How much lower than the asking price could depend on finances, comparative prices of other homes in the market, as well as private property and appliances to include in the sale.

The offer also includes a good faith deposit, which is an amount of money that demonstrates your commitment to the property. A good faith deposit is not the same as a down payment, which is considerably more. The amount of the deposit might be between one to three percent and should go to a third party which might be a legal firm, escrow service, title company or brokerage—not to the seller. (A receipt is always recommended.) And if the transaction is not completed for whatever reason, the deposit should be returned.

Also in the offer are items in the house including appliances that would be part of the sale and repairs you would require the seller to make prior to the closing. Dates should also be mentioned in the offer including the closing date and the move-in date. Fees associated with the sale and who, between you and the buyer should are responsible for each. The offer will also declare what the consequences would be as a result of a breach of contract.

Contingencies help offer protection on the way toward finalizing a deal. While a seller could accept a competing offer without contingencies and a speedier process, you should consider certain risks. For example, you can ensure that a contract could be finalized contingent on your receiving written loan approval and that you can financial cover the cost of the purchase. You can also make the deal contingent on successful inspection results and the completion of any major repairs or deductions equal to the value of those repairs. If you own a home and need to sell it prior to purchasing a new home, the purchase can be contingent on the successful sale of your previous home. Deadlines should be assigned to each contingency.

This is the process that takes place during a meeting of the parties involved in which the transaction is completed and the title of the property is passed from seller to new owner. Before the closing, the buyer conducts a final walk through of the home to make sure that the property is as it was when you viewed it and that all repairs that may have been stipulated in the offer have been completed to satisfaction.

During the closing, paperwork that has been prepared by all parties involved, including the agents, the bank providing the mortgage, lawyers and title companies, are signed.